The world was burning. In the shadow of demons and unspeakable horrors the creatures and beings that ruled the darkness rose up to confront the coming Ragnarok. In their wake the mortals suffered, died and lost their precious grip on sanity. A secret war was fought and lost as the impending nothingness of the end of all things approached. And for most, almost nothing could be done to stop it. But in the last few moments before the world would split asunder and all life would be rendered moot, something changed. Somewhere in the darkness sacrifices were made and a few noble beings stood against the unimaginable evil that threatened to take the world.

Its been 10 years since the apocalypse. The world you knew is over.

But for the rest of mankind nothing happened. Humans, have been blessed with the virtue of ignorance in all things relating to the events that lead up to the apocalypse. It’s as though all history as well as the collective human experience has been wiped clean of the horrors of the end of days.

The same cannot be said for those that stood apart. For those that lurked in the shadows and manipulated the strings that directed the world, the events of those grim days burned them like a flamethrower to a spiders web. The very foundations of these great shadow nations came crashing down never to be the same.

You are a Mage. You are a forger of new realities. In the wake of the Armageddon you stand on the precipice of a brave new frontier. No longer are you weighed down by the dogma of eons of formal magical teachings. No longer are you embroiled in an Ascension war no one could win.
The Technocracy is a pale shadow of its former self only just barely spared total annihilation. No longer a major concern to mages of the Traditions and freed from the constant fear of Technocrat reprisals, the awakened of the new world are left with limitless options. In the power vacuum that now exists will you build an empire? Will you deal the final blow to your most hated enemies? Will you delve deep into this new world and discover the truth about what really happened during the end days? Though you are few in number, you haven’t been this powerful in a thousand years. What will you do?

Mage: Burning Horizons

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